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Me Today

Hello Everybody! 

I guess you are a little bit confused about my outfit today? It is like a summer dress and shoes but then... why is this a winter coat and  the summer bag? And to be honest I did not plan to take pictures wearing this outfit... So let me explain. 

I was planning to work on the sewing machine all day, as I like to call it 'an intense work out'  so I chose to wear something really comfortable. When I left my house I realized that it is damn cold outside. I quickly came back home and grabbed first coat in my wardrobe. So I just left looking like that. 

As you never know where the day is going to lead, I met my photographer to take pictures for the blogpost just looking like that. 

Effortless, Comfortable and Outstanding - this is how I feel and aim to look every day.  


Outfit Of The Day

So it is cold so it is hot. So it is rain so it is a sunshine. 
What should I wear today? 


Designer Wear Behind the Scenes

Hello Everybody!

I have recently had a lookbook photoshoot for Karro Designer Wear however, as I have been in the fashion industry for a while and had loads of photoshoots, I actually gained some skills and gathered some small tips that really helped me out during the photoshoots.

To begin with, here is the list of the 'must have' on the day: 
1.Skin color underwear, tights
2. Basic make up, like powder and eyeliner. Use powder to avoid shiny face in the pictures
3. Hairspray, hair band and brush
4. Pins, small needle with threads.
5. Laptop
6. Documents for the copyright

Before the photoshoot it is very important to try out the outfit on the model and consider styling as on different people styling not always looks the way you expected. You should also consider the condition of your clothes on the  day. Think how can you transport them and may it be possible to iron right before the session. It happened that shoes do not fit the model, so better target to take one size bigger as at least she should be able to put her feet in. If the shoes are way too big, use some paper to put inside. Make sure your model does not wear full make up and comes up with natural hair so you can easy style it. Do not forget to ask her to wear appropriate underwear, especially tights. Make sure to text everyone the evening before the day to make sure everyone will show up on time. It is a good idea to prepare some water for everyone and make sure everyone is happy to work with you. Come with the planned idea which outfit you shoot first and what angles you need to photograph. Find some music, make everyone happy to work with you. 

I remember I had an editorial photoshoot few months ago and we planned to take pictures at night under the bridge. I had a big team, I remember. Once we got into the location I saw that the bridge is actually a popular place for homeless people to gather at night. 'OMG, what should I do'  I was thinking. However, I had to take my pictures as I have already got everyone to come and my model even had full make up done. And yea... Of course I got my pictures done but I felt so awkward, I guess I just got scared.


Today's Outfit

Hello Everybody!

I have finally decided to change my hair style. As you can see in the pictures below I have half of the side cut short and the rest is the same long as before. I wanted to go for something really new, modern and futuristic. I was quite impressed with the final outcome as it looks so weird and strange.

As the spring is coming, it is time to change, try something new! Be innovative? If you don't dare to cut your hair so dramatically, I can recommend something softer.

Fringe is the part where you should experiment, It always grows fast and you will not damage your whole hair. Cut your fringe short and straight, if you have round or triangle face shape it would suit you and it is still something more extraordinary. I have once dyed my fringe pink color, and for now I can advice to go for pink or blue as it is so futuristic and fun, especially for the new season coming. If you have dark hair, it is nice to have contrasting color on your hair tips. Make sure to dye them even, So it is like a straight line across your hair. If you normally use iron to straighten your hair, as you already use hot tool, come out with soft curls. It is nice to have nice curls with a sexy dress on a date, right?

That is it for today! Have fun and do not forget to be free as your hair!

Best wishes,

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